Reach champion rankings, 2015

In 2015, I ranked all of the “Reach for the Top” national championship-winning programs. The ranks were sent out on my personal Twitter account and can probably be found with the hashtag #reachrank. These rankings are from summer 2015, but I may revisit them in the future.

It is a bit unfair to compare the CBC “Reach for the Top” and modern “SchoolReach” eras. Gameplay and preparation was different and availability of results is worse the farther back in time you go. I split the rankings into one list for each era. Cobequid Education Centre, so far the only champion in both eras, appears on both lists.

The CBC “Reach for the Top” era

  1. Lorne Jenken (AB)
  2. Gonzaga (NL)
  3. O’Leary (AB)
  4. Vincent Massey (Etobicoke, ON)
  5. Oak Bay (BC)
  6. Glenlawn (MB)
  7. Hillcrest (ON)
  8. Cobequid (NS)
  9. Roland Michener (ON)
  10. Kelvin (MB)
  11. Dakota (MB)
  12. Banting Memorial (ON)
  13. Central Peel (ON)
  14. Queen Elizabeth (NS)
  15. Deloraine (MB)
  16. Neil McNeil (ON)
  17. River East (MB)
  18. Kate Andrews (AB)
  19. Rideau (ON)

The modern “SchoolReach” era

  1. UTS (ON)
  2. Kennebecasis Valley (NB)
  3. St. George’s (BC)
  4. London Central (ON)
  5. Gloucester (ON)
  6. Martingrove (ON)
  7. Lisgar (ON)
  8. Cobequid (NS)
  9. Merivale (ON)
  10. Fredericton (NB)
  11. Woburn (ON)
  12. Saunders (ON)
  13. Bell (ON)
  14. St. Joseph’s (ON)
  15. Earl Haig (ON)
  16. Frontenac (ON)
  17. Memorial Composite (NS)
  18. Tagwi (ON)

Since those lists were written, KVHS gained another title (though still below UTS’ count of 4) and I found results from the 1990s that show more previously-unknown-to-me nationals appearances for Fredericton and Saunders. These and other factors would be taken into consideration for another ranking.


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