Updating Reach Scores Database

You may be wondering why I haven’t updated the Reach Scores Database lately. Essentially, the site becomes bogged down whenever I’m free to update it (weekend nights). Also, while Semantic MediaWiki is probably the best way to sort this information in a wiki-style format, I am obviously not using it properly, since it is a pain to update team pages based on existing information about tournaments.

All tournament results I know of are up. An archive of the whole site is saved. Additionally, the back end is a spreadsheet I keep stored on my computer and in Google Docs, so the information won’t be lost easily. So don’t be alarmed if the front end site goes down.

I will try to add tournament results when I know of them. Team updates are more frustrating. I still need to make a page explaining my mysterious R-value, but this blog may end up being a more useful way to describe it.


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