Reach Scores Audio #1

2017 Lisgar tournament, KVHS vs LCI B


The first “episode” of Reach Scores Audio is up! From the 2017 Lisgar Reach-style tournament, this round 1 match pits Kennebecasis Valley HS against Lisgar CI “B”. Moderating and audio production by me, Ben Smith.

Here is the link to the episode.


  • The game room was a high-ceiling science lab. There was significant echo, but normalizing the audio helped, especially for the buzzer tone.
  • Hector Berlioz’ symphonies are not often referred to by number. Symphonie Fantastique is his first, anyway.
  • The Himalaya and Karakoram are, indeed, separate ranges. The name “K2” came about from being the second surveyed peak in the Karakoram.

Thanks for listening! The remaining rounds will be uploaded as quickly as I can finish them (hopefully by the end of the week).

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