Reach Scores Audio #5

2017 Lisgar tournament, UTS vs Merivale


From the 2017 Lisgar Reach-style tournament, this round 5 match has University of Toronto Schools against Merivale HS. Moderating and production by Ben Smith.

Here is the link to the episode.


  • Bad phrasing in the 20-point special and a Harry Potter question. Thankfully, no team got hosed (possibly because they could detect something was up from my preemptive hesitation). Both questions started by suggesting a list, then naming a few items and requiring the player to answer the rest. If anyone buzzed and gave the (arbitrarily-chosen) answers already listed in the question, they would be burned. This practice is unnecessary in trivia and is either sloppy writing, a nefarious attempt to penalize strong teams, or both. Both questions needed a re-phrasing.

Thanks for listening!

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