Reach Scores Audio #7

2017 Lisgar tournament, Almonte vs Glebe


Fun with foreign phrases! From the 2017 Lisgar Reach-style tournament, this round 7 match has Almonte DHS against Glebe CI. Moderating and production by Ben Smith.

Here is the link to the episode.


  • Foreign words/names/phrases come up in questions; that’s normal. It’s okay if a reader struggles through it if it is part of the context of a larger question where the players can figure out roughly what was said. Translating foreign phrases is tricky, though. Many foreign languages have critical pronunciation differences that aren’t necessarily obvious to an English speaker. When a question simply asks for a translation of a foreign word, an actual speaker of said language (ie: someone who should be very knowledgeable) can be confused when a reader mispronounces. This is why direct foreign translation questions should be frowned upon.
  • My clarification of consulting during questions is correct. SchoolReach and Reach for the Top allow consulting at any point in the question except when your team’s buzzer is lit (you are also, perhaps foolishly, permitted to consult while the opponent’s buzzer is lit). Any talking during a team’s lit buzzer – except for the correct answer from the buzzing player – is ruled incorrect (including fixing a mistake partway through delivery of an answer). Quizbowl forbids consulting during tossups, but most quizbowl rules allow some fixing of your answer before you have completed saying it.
  • A Glebe player left mid-game. Interestingly, they came from behind and took the lead after that…

Thanks for listening!

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