Reach Scores Audio #8

2017 Lisgar tournament, UTS vs Glebe


Sorry about the hosting issue, but it’s back up with new links and still free. From the 2017 Lisgar Reach-style tournament, this round 8 match has UTS against Glebe CI. Moderating and production by Ben Smith.

Here is the link to the episode.


  • We’ve got Glebe for three games in a row and their fourth overall. Nothing against Glebe, but the scheduling didn’t give as much team variety as it could.
  • Questions on the “Trudeau cabinet shuffle”: “Which one?” Because all high school students know the portfolio maneuvers of Pierre Trudeau…
  • “Which one?” reappears as a joke on the plots of Taken films. And now if you ask about the audio host, I can say, “which one?”
  • Liam Neeson was not in Les Miserables. Didn’t affect the player getting the right answer, though.

Thanks for listening!

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