Welcome to Reach Scores, a resource for results of “Reach for the Top”, “SchoolReach”, and other similar quiz competitions.

I, Ben Smith, was a participant in several competitions both as a player and organizer. I never won a Reach title, but my teammates did. More recently, I have been an organizer in the Ottawa area, running the regional tournament in 2013 and 2015.

Regarding tone, I like to think that I can limit my biases for or against a school. For the record, I have had affiliations with Merivale and Nepean High Schools. I hope that praise for certain results is not confused as bias in favour of a team. In general, I will write positively about teams (they are minors, after all) and I’ll limit my criticisms (if any) to things under the purview of adults. Additionally, minors will remain anonymous simply to avoid any issues with parental consent.

Reach Scores is a labour of love. Specifically, nothing is monetized on this blog or other affiliated sites. Any ads that may appear are not for my financial gain, but rather a consequence of me using free resources that support themselves with advertising.

Finally, I will disclose that I received payments from “Reach for the Top” for writing services in 2014.