2019 Lisgar Tournament results

Where no question goes unanswered.


Last weekend, Lisgar CI hosted their annual Reach-style tournament. 10 senior and 11 junior teams from eight schools participated. Both fields played on the same set of questions, and results are found here.

Firstly, the junior division. A full round-robin was played in field with several Lisgar and KVHS teams. I did not get to see the games, but a Lisgar team went undefeated and was the only junior team to crack 100% R-value (ie: better than an average team on this set). Glebe and another Lisgar team both finished with 8-2 records and shared second place, though Glebe had the points edge.

The senior division saw strong teams getting prepared for their provincial and national runs. The University of Toronto Schools took their fourth straight title at this event by sweeping the field, both in the full round robin and the top bracket of four. Their R-value of 213% is somewhat boosted by having junior teams included in the average of teams playing the set, but it is still the best result in any iteration of the Lisgar tournament (which usually includes a junior division) so far. Lisgar, a team I will name as “AP”, and Glebe were closely matched in the rest of the upper bracket: they each shared a win and loss between themselves in the final group. Assuming they qualify and attend, all four of those teams should be contenders on playoff day at SchoolReach provincials. UTS B, though not eligible for SchoolReach, was also competitive against the top quartet, and Kennebecasis Valley HS  and Colonel By SS knew their stuff, but just couldn’t get the wins. Ashbury College, still new to the Ottawa scene, rounded out the field and left after the initial round-robin.

This was a good set for a Reach experience. There were repeats (both of the copy-paste kind and rewording of facts kind) and there was some minutiae that would not be in the grasp of a typical player (including vague 40-point openers on who-am-I), but overall, this was an opportunity to score lots of points. The round-robin match between UTS and Lisgar saw only five questions go unanswered. High conversion of questions is ideal for making sure the more knowledgeable team wins more often; games with lots of dead questions are prone to upsets when a weaker team just happens to run into a string of questions they know, and the stronger team doesn’t have enough chance to overcome it. Assuming that Lisgar makes the set available with their repeat corrections, this set is a good “proving ground” for teams hoping to make it far this year. If your region wants to use the set, contact the Lisgar coach or contact me as an intermediary (through reachscores -at- gmail.com).

There are no recordings of this tournament. Leaving a delay of several months before posting was not considerate to the participating teams, and it was out of people’s minds by the time it was released. The delay was necessary to not compromise other sites that would use the set; in the same vein, any publicly-viewable discussion of the set should not occur during the remainder of this season. Results from these independent tournaments (UTS and Lisgar) do get used for official Reach seeding, so please respect the integrity of the records.

In other tournament news, U of Toronto will hold a quizbowl tournament on March 3, making use of the “Canadianized” set first played at Carleton in December. The busy regional season will be underway, then a weekend double of History Bowl nationals and ONQBA provincials on May 4 and 5. I won’t be able to attend many events (other than Ottawa SchoolReach regionals), but I will pass along any results I get.

Carleton tournament results

Powers to the people

The Carleton Sublunary Tournament ran yesterday, with eight teams from five Ottawa schools in attendance. Ashbury College made their first appearance of the year, joining the other schools that played at Lisgar’s novice event in November.

Lisgar CI won the tournament with a 485-220 final over Bell HS. Both teams were tied at 6-1 records after the round-robin, with Lisgar taking a close loss to Glebe CI in the morning. Glebe started the day strong with an undefeated morning record and a win over Lisgar, but lost their last two matches and finished third. Colonel By SS and Ashbury tied for fourth with 4-3 records. Full results are posted here.

I’m not sure how much this tournament acts as a preview for the Reach season ahead. While some are planning to register, three of the five schools didn’t participate in Reach last year. If they don’t sign up, there will be a wide gulf between Lisgar/Glebe and the rest of the field at Ottawa regionals. Lisgar and Glebe, though they fielded seniors this time, still did not have a potential “full-strength” lineup yet (Ashbury, Bell, and CB used what is probably their best teams yesterday).

The next event in the Ottawa area will be Lisgar’s Reach tournament in February. For now, teams will head into their holiday breaks and exam periods.

2018 Lisgar novice tournament

The final: Bell

Lisgar CI held their novice tournament on Saturday. Ten teams from four Ottawa schools participated in the quizbowl event intended for junior and new players.

Bell HS won in a final over Glebe A 390-80. Lisgar A and C rounded out the top group of 4. Colonel By was the other participating school. Bell has had off-and-on activity ever since they withdrew from Reach earlier this decade, but if they are intending to re-subscribe, this team will probably be their main team. They only lost to Glebe A earlier in the day. Glebe was undefeated until the last round-robin game, but members started leaving after lunch and took a toll on the team’s performance as the day wrapped up. Lisgar, Glebe, and Colonel By all have more senior members who didn’t play today, so we don’t have a full preview of the season ahead in Ottawa.

This tournament used a Canadianized version of the 2018 SCOP Novice set. It served its purpose well – the novice teams answered almost all of the tossups and, without discussing specifics, nothing was too difficult for an average high school team. Hopefully the set will find use in southern Ontario or elsewhere.

The next tournament on my schedule will be quizbowl at Carleton on December 1, which is open to all high school teams and should bring out the senior players in Ottawa.

Reach Scores Audio #22

2018 Lisgar Tournament, CB vs LCI C

Final match of the day. From the 2018 Lisgar Reach-style tournament, this round 12 match has Colonel By SS against Lisgar CI “C”. Moderating and production by Ben Smith.

Here is the link to the episode.


  • I don’t know what I was thinking of for my comments about the 28-3 comeback game. It was Super Bowl LI. Perhaps I was sarcastically surprised it was a question about the 2017 Bowl rather than the numerous ones about the 2018 one that happened about two weeks earlier at the time.
  • The Dutch basketball team is not great, despite the height of their citizenry. They have never made the Olympics, and have infrequent qualifications to the European championships.
  • Once again, the aesthenosphere pops up. The poorly-written question suggested it was part of the crust.

Thanks for listening! This ends the series of recordings for the 2018 Lisgar tournament. As a final reminder, listening to any of these games will prevent you from playing on the questions competitively, however I suspect the circulation of this set is finished. If Lisgar writes again next year, I may reconsider recording: it was not very appropriate to hold back recordings of other people for such a long time, but releasing audio would complicate the use of the set elsewhere. I hope other regions will be open to trying an independent tournament next year as a way to improve their circuit.

Reach Scores Audio #20

2018 Lisgar Tournament, LCI B vs CB

Time for the playoffs. I read in the middle bracket. From the 2018 Lisgar Reach-style tournament, this round 10 match has Lisgar CI “B” against Colonel By SS. Moderating and production by Ben Smith.

Here is the link to the episode.


  • This game is a mess. Long, distracted, riddled with errors leading to protests, and a potential tie. Fatigue was catching up to me; this was the equivalent of reading at 3AM for an average person.
  • Tracks on DAMN are not in all-caps. I don’t know why the question writers did this.
  • “Paper” for the fiber question should not have been prompted. Lisgar should have been docked 10 points, but as shown later, it didn’t change the outcome in the close match.
  • As mentioned in the previous match, a team scramble was eventually thrown out and replaced with a scramble of the four tiebreakers. There were incorrect facts for both the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers as potential answers. I originally left Colonel By’s answer (and the pack’s answer) of “Mississippi” proceed if it didn’t affect the outcome of the match. It did. The original game ended in a tie (including Lisgar’s “paper” answer which wasn’t caught at this point), but Colonel By went on to earn the replacement team scramble and pick up more points, giving them an outright victory.

Thanks for listening!

Reach Scores Audio #16

2018 Lisgar Tournament, CB vs Almonte

From the 2018 Lisgar Reach-style tournament, this round 6 match has Colonel By SS against Almonte DHS. Moderating and production by Ben Smith.

Here is the link to the episode.


  • I made an error of blurting out the answer of “Twelfth Night” before the second team had a chance to buzz in. We let it go when it didn’t affect the outcome of the game, but in a proper situation, a spare question would have been read only to the team that missed the buzz due to moderator error.
  • For the relay on identifying bones, both teams took a fancy to the option of pointing to the bones rather than saying their location. This leaves audio gaps that seem as though I award points to nothing!

Thanks for listening!

Calgary and Lisgar

13 Nats appearances in past 3 years in this post

After some wait, I finally have results tables again.

First up is the Calgary-Foothills SchoolReach regional tournament. This region has produced four National appearances in the past two years from Renert School, Rundle College, and Webber Academy. The tournament is still in progress with the two Renert teams still undefeated; results are found here. I don’t have a schedule of matchups that have occurred so far, so I can’t give R-values yet. The set PPG of 181 (probably closer to 200 when factoring out some forfeits) feels low for a regional tournament – they have been in the 230-250 PPG range in recent years. Considering that there are Nationals-bound teams in the field, this doesn’t look good for high points scores in other upcoming regions.

This is in contrast to the scoring blitz that was the 2018 Lisgar Reach tournament. UTS and Kennebecasis Valley once again joined the Ottawa-area teams in a tournament that has become a preview of Nationals. Results of the senior division are found here. UTS “A” won the tournament with a tidy points haul, losing only to UTS “C”, who finished second. Lisgar and KVHS rounded out the top 4 bracket. In the junior division, Glebe went undefeated and gave second-place Ashbury their only losses, while two KVHS teams tied for third.

The senior field at Lisgar was stacked. UTS “A” picked up almost 60% of the points available and only had an R-value of 144%. In the past, the junior division used essentially the same set as the seniors, so their results could be included too. For this year, there was enough difference to require separating them. This means there were no “weak” teams in the field to make UTS look relatively stronger. The bottom two finishers, Glebe and Almonte, are expected to end up in the top 20 at Ontario Provincials, while 4th through 9th were covered by a 55 PPG difference. In fact, the whole field can be circled as:

  • Almonte won against Glebe
  • Glebe won against Colonel By
  • Colonel By won against UTS B
  • UTS B won against Lisgar B
  • Lisgar B won against Lisgar C
  • Lisgar C won against KVHS
  • KVHS won against Lisgar A
  • Lisgar A won against UTS C
  • UTS C won against UTS A
  • while UTS A won against Almonte

Also, I made recordings of matches at the tournament, though I think I should withhold releasing them until a decision is made about using the questions at another site (TBD).

History Bowl also began their Canadian leg yesterday, but I don’t have results from Hamilton yet.

Other regions are starting up soon, so there are busy times ahead!